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5 Responses to Newsletter

  1. Gaylene Cornell says:

    Beautiful work! We plan on playing it softly in the background tonight during our drumming circle and drum along with the music.
    Thank you for the wonderful music you provide to heal us.

  2. Cris Todd says:

    Enjoyed your live performance for Israels Book Launch last night. Very moving in spite of all that was going on in the room. Thank you.

  3. Anita says:

    Your essence is truly divine. Your music is that of spiritual matter. Hearing you at the New Earth Expo one could not help but be enveloped in love and light. The entire building absorbed light and accordingly vibrated at such a loving level. Resonance can only be felt at a deep level and your music can reach this level to provide a powerful healing. Thank you!

  4. Solcire says:

    Out this world! Beautiful music. I can feel all the good energy through your music, because you made it from your heart.

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