Stalk your dreams

Dear friends,

Embrace what you are given to do. Your dream, your passion. And when I say “embrace,” I mean no holds barred, full on, hug and don’t let go. Some people say, “Follow your dream.” Others say, “Pursue your dream.” I say, “Stalk your dream.” Stalk it, obsess about it, chase after it relentlessly, with no hesitancy and no reservation. Stalk it like an out of control ex lover.

People will laugh at you, put you down and try to discourage you. Let them. And don’t even flinch when it happens, because that behavior is never about you, it’s about them. Everyone who has been true to their dreams has at some point experienced this.

You will have many, many setbacks and disappointments. This also is common, and it’s not the universe telling you to give up. Stay focused on the goal, and don’t be distracted even for a moment by situations or people who would try to derail you.

Work very hard and never, ever stop learning.

Do not wonder if you are good enough or worthy enough, decide that you are epic.

The world needs more people like you.

Your fan,


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