A not-so-fond farewell.

At first I thought you were cute.  Different from the others in an attractive and alluring kind of way.  You were quick and light and I admit I was just a little bedazzled.

Then came the day you were unable to remember some very important information with which I had entrusted you.  Not wanting to show my disappointment, I reminded you of just what that information was, as you requested.  But after a while I came to understand that this was in fact a habit of yours – a habit that became increasingly annoying as the weeks and months rolled by.

Finally I had had enough.  Spacing on my bookmarks was one thing, but when you started playing fast and loose with my passwords, I saw the handwriting on the wall.  This relationship could never last.

And so, Google Chrome – I am bidding you a not-so-fond farewell.  Don’t let the door hit you…

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