My 5 steps to happiness

Today is my birthday, and I wanted to give you a gift. So I wrote down my 5 steps to happiness. These are my steps, they may or may not work for you. In any case, I hope you enjoy reading them.

Step 1 – Have an agreement with myself that I am 100% responsible for my own happiness. It’s not anyone else’s job to make me happy, it’s entirely up to me. If I am not feeling happy, I am the one who must fix it.

Step 2 – Have an agreement with myself that I am 100% responsible for the consequences of my decisions and actions. If I break a law or hurt someone or damage something, it was entirely my doing. No one else is to blame, and if there are unpleasant results, they were predictable and are justified.

Step 3 – Keeping in mind the parameters and balance of steps 1 and 2, make a plan to do for myself the things that make me the happiest. To the best of my ability create situations where I feel content, fulfilled, satisfied – happy. Anything goes. It’s my life, my rules – as long as steps 1 and 2 are always considered.

Step 4 – Execute the plan!

Step 5 – Whenever I feel unhappy, go immediately back to step 1.

Wishing you tremendous happiness today and every day.

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