Reasons People Don’t Meditate

Sometimes when I talk with people about meditation they tell me how difficult it is, and why they don’t believe they can do it:

I can’t still my mind

Right, you can’t.  And it’s not required that you do.  In fact, that’s why you need to meditate.  Saying, “I can’t meditate because I can’t still my mind,” is like saying, “I can’t take an aspirin because I have a headache.”

I don’t have a zen quiet place

You don’t need one.  There will always be distractions in meditation – some external, some internal.  This is normal, not “bad” or “wrong.”  You can notice these distractions without judgement and then return your focus to your breathing.

I don’t have time

I don’t have time not to.  Meditation improves your thought process and makes you more efficient.  As little as 10 minutes, practiced consistently, will make noticeable changes in your mental  and emotional well being.

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