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Thanks so much for your purchase!

If you’ve ordered CD’s, they are generally sent out the day after orders are received.

If you’ve included .mp3 downloads in your purchase, you can download them directly from links shown below.

Thanks again – please do enjoy the music!

10 Responses to Thank you!

  1. Mindy says:

    When will “November” be available for download? I just love it. I listened for just the first few seconds and felt like I was on my back deck in Colorado. Thanks for that. ~ Mindy

  2. Gregory says:

    Hi Mindy – so glad to hear you enjoyed the music you downloaded and the sample of “November”.

    Part of the inspiration for that song came from the time I spent in Colorado when my father lived there, near Rye, southwest of Pueblo. It will be available for download sometime next month, September of 2012, and on CD a few weeks after that. If you like, you can sign up for my email list (above) and you’ll get notification as soon as it’s available. Thanks again, very much.

  3. Bill Heppe says:

    Good job, Greg! Looking forward to sitting down with it and Cambrian Sky.

  4. Mindy (Melinda) Abbott says:

    Congratulations on the release! I just ordered “November”. What a delight to learn I’m receiving “Cambrian Sky” as well. Can’t wait to listen to them when I want to hear beautiful music, and for my yoga and mindfulness practices. Thanks, Greg 🙂

  5. Lance and Kath Lathers says:

    How cool to hear you again! Not the same as pickin and strummin at Gull Lake, Bridgeman, or K’zoo is it? Peace.

    • Gregory says:

      Lance – so great to hear from you. No, not exactly the same. Older and hopefully improved with age. Hoping all is well with you.

  6. Doug Millaway says:

    Looking forward to giving the entire CD a good strong listen. I love listening to music of a style that I DO NOT work in because it often generates a concept that otherwise might be overlooked. Thanks for putting this out there and continuing the important process of producing and promoting independent artists. As I like to say, Independent Musicians make Intelligent Music!

  7. Phyllis Andrews says:

    Please do not ship the Cambrian Sky CD that I just paid for. I just realized that I had not yet paid for the CD I picked up from you at the Healing Arts Fair in Pioneer on July 20. So this “order” was just payment. Thank you so much!

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